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In case you haven't heard about us, Saksyas is a cloud SaaS that takes your idea to IPO.
We help budding entrepreneurs and pre-seed/early stage startups to identify and execute growth strategies for their business. We were also featured in Collision Conference, America's largest technology conference, in Las Vegas on May 2015.

We're launching
Yes!!! We are launching today.
And guess what? We are hosting a huge competition to celebrate our launch.
To participate all you need to do is share your business idea on our platform and ask your friends to provide feedback.
The more feedback you get, the more your chances of winning!!!
You can find more information on the members area.

What does this have to do with the economy?
You see, more than 90% of startups fail. And the majority for failure is because they don't find the product-market fit.
There's too much cash flowing into startups with huge burn rates. Did you know Uber, valued at billions of dollars, is making losses in millions of dollars?
We should stop wasting resources and develop an effecient way to get the product/service to the market, which, Saksyas, is all is about.
We help startups to adopt proven methodologies for progress thus optimizing the burn rate and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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