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| Saksyas Press Release 2015

Statistics say, 92% of the start-ups fail and the major reason for failure is because there is no market need. Start-ups usually are too early for the market and they find it very difficult to attain the product market fit. The progress of a start-up depends solely on the abilities of the core team(s).
But "running" a business should be easy and the risk of any startup should be spread, from founders to an entire consumer/supplier/investor community. This is because, crowd-working produces better results than crowd sourcing.
Optimizing burn rates through minimizing the resources used to identify product-market fit, by creating consumer driven markets, leads to different opportunities, to reduce the rate of failure of any given start-up.

Saksyas (pronounced as "Success"), was conceptualized around this possibility.
Created in March 2015, Saksyas provides scalable enterprise grade tools, that allows for deep integration to the core of any business, and aims to serve as an execution partner to start-ups from its inception; thus taking a business from idea validation to IPO, and beyond.

Because, today's idea is tomorrow's Google.

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