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Entrepreneurs often do not share their idea for a start-up at its early stages, because they fear someone might steal it. This fear is rarely realistic. With just the idea, people cannot do anything. It's about the execution of the idea. 7 billion people in the world, the odds of only one person working on a idea is very low.
Take the example of PhoneBloks. PhoneBloks was the one who published their project about a revolutionary mobile phone design. It went viral almost instantly.
But it turned out Google was already working on a project very similar to it, under the wrappers, and they bought PhoneBloks, and now we have Project Ara. The world is going to be a better place, because Phonebloks was brave enough to put their idea out there to the customers, before they launch.

Sharing your idea at its early stages and getting feedback from real users significantly increases the chances of understanding the real pain point of the customers. Thus, better the chances for reaching product-market fit before you even start developing the product.
Remember, Dropbox CEO waited until he got 50K customers, before he started coding. Having a list of people that want to buy your product is the perfect validation for your idea, something that most start-ups do not have. Because, it's more important to serve a customer than it is to build a product.
So, the sooner you find your product-market fit, the more easier it will be to get more customers, and you will start attracting investors, to help you grow your idea into a viable business.

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