Shape the economy, earn money

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Did you know Uber, valued at billions of dollars, is making losses in millions of dollars?
We should stop wasting resources and develop an effecient way to get the product/service to the market, which, Saksyas, is all is about.

Control your destiny

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A business plan is a way to rehearse execution to decrease fluctuations and timely update whenever necessary.

We're going to Vegas!!!

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Saksyas has been selected to present our platform amongst the world leaders at Collision Conference in Las Vegas on May 5th.

Press Release - April 2015

| Saksyas Press Release 2015

Created in March 2015, Saksyas provides scalable enterprise grade tools, that allows for deep integration to the core of any business, and aims to serve as an execution partner to start-ups from its inception.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

| minimum viable product, mvp

A start-up can easily become stuck in the cycle of testing, refining and re-testing a product. But, if it releases the product and refine it regularly based on customer feedback, then it exits the loop and begins to grow gradually.

Customer is King

| customer is king

Having a list of people that want to buy your product is the perfect validation for your idea, something that most start-ups do not have.

Rejection Experts

| rejection, investor rejection, accelerator rejection

You can get an A grade on your project from investors/mentors, but at the end of the day the customers are your boss, and investors will not help you escape from the boss's rage when you do something wrong.

Startup Failures

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Studies show that, 90% of the start-ups fail, no matter how much you try. And the major reason for failure is that most start-ups are building a wrong product, not understanding what the customer really wants.

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